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Polar AW200

The Polar AW200 activity watch contains innovative accelerometer technology -- motion sensor which measures your activities

Unique Features:
 Motion Sensor: Senses the impulses only if the body movement is constant and strong enough. (Must be walking for 10 sec before it starts.)
 Allows simple targeting of daily activity: Aim for 7,000 steps a day
 Records data during action to track activity efforts over time and monitor progress
 Activity Time: Allows you to compare active and total time to find out long you have been moving on a beneficial health intensity level.
 5 Zones: (speed levels) shows level of effort to motivates the user to increase activity level for greater benefit
 Altimeter: Measures current altitude with graphical trend and provides more accurate caloric measurement
 Barometer: Measures current air pressure and temperature.

Key Specs:
 Model Number: Polar AW200
 Weight of Unit: 8.54 oz
 Time of Day : Yes
 Alarm: Yes
 Date Displayed: Yes
 Location of Transmitter: Wrist
 Location of Receiver: Wrist
 Transmitter Water Resistant: Up to 50 Meters
 Receiver Water Resistant: Up to 50 Meters
 Stainless Steel Case
 Mineral Glass Lens
 Firm Grip Buttons
 Changeable Battery

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