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Polar CS600

CS600 Features:

Wireless Polar speed sensor W.I.N.D. - A wireless sensor providing current, average and maximum speeds
Incline Measurement - Measures incline with uphill or downhill steepness in percentage or grades
Cycling Economy - Tracks the cycling workload as kcal/h and kcal/km
Polar sport zones - Helps you to train at the right intensity
ZoneLock - Simply the easiest way to set a target zone
ZonePointer - Makes it easy to stay in your target zone
R-R Intervals / Online HR Variability - Measures heart beat intervals and reflects autonomic nervous system in heartbeat regulation
Polar OwnOptimizer - Train and rest in the right balance
SpeedPointer - Indicates the relation between current speed and average speed
Estimated Time of Arrival - Enables you to foresee the time of arrival based on your cycling speed
Wireless ECG accurate heart rate
Heart Rate & Cadence-based target zones with visual and audible alarms
Maximum, Average & Minimum heart rate of total exercise
Maximum & Average heart rate of each lap
Altitude and ascent
Trip & Distance
Speed (current, average and max)
Wheel size settings for two bicycles
Cycling Limits - Cycling limits can be set for heart rate, cadence or power output
Speed sensor installation for different fork shapes
Multifunctional handle bar/stem installation
Temperature and altitude
Transfer exercise data from wrist unit to polarpersonaltrainer.com via Polar WebLink
Compatible with Polar ProTrainer 5 software
Total Exercise Time and time in target zone

Package Includes: Polar CS600 Heart Rate Monitor Cycling Computer, Polar WearLink transmitter W.I.N.D., Polar CS600 Speed Sensor and Magnet, Polar CS Series Bike Mount, Polar Product Guide & The Polar Pro Trainer 5 Software.

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