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  • Current altitude: range -500 to 9000 meters or -1,600 to 29,500 feet C resolution 1m/3ft
  • Altitude alarm
  • Logbook feature can now store up to 39,999 ft and includes average vertical ascent and descent, number of runs, and duration of the event
  • One button access that allows the user to view a logbook while it is recording
  • NEW lockable altimeter which stops altitude drift due to weather changes


  • Absolute pressure range 300 to 1100 hPa or 8.90 to 32.40 inHg
  • Sea level pressure range 921 to 1080 hPa or 27.25 to 30.80 inHg
  • Resolution 1 hPa pr 0.05 inHg
  • 4-day barometric memory in intervals of 1 hour for the first six hours, and then in six hour intervals
  • Lockable barometer which keeps altitude from changing.
  • Temperature


  • Digital compass that can be used anywhere in the world.
  • Declination adjustable
  • Bearing tracking mode which displays the difference between a locked bearing and actual bearing
  • Resolution bearing of 1 degree


  • 12/24 hour clock
  • 3 daily alarms
  • Chronometer that can record 1-99 split times and split times for 1 run
  • Dual time

    Other Features

  • Electro luminescent backlight feature
  • User replaceable battery
  • Water resistant to 100m/330ft
  • Shock resistant
  • Picture above showen Titanium housing w/ titanium bracelet

    New Models:

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